Technique training

On Wednesday and Friday evening the focus is on technique and sparring. Wednesday’s main focus is on boxing and Friday’s main focus is on kicking. First there are some individual exercises, followed up by exercises where you team up with another student. These classes are perfect to master the technique, there’s extra attention and your level and improvement points are being monitored.

Next to the technical aspect during the especially developed exercises, these classes introduce you to sparring. There will be several rounds of sparring with someone from the same level during an x amount of minutes. During these sparring rounds you can apply the taught technique: you’ll learn how to attack but also to defend, because there’s an opponent obviously!

To provide a safe and responsible process of training at Mejiro Gym there are some regulations – you’ll find them here. During the beginner lessons it’s not allowed to punch and kick towards the head, so the sparring only targets the body. If you’re personal level increases the sensei can give you the opportunity to attend the training for experts. These trainings do involve sparring towards the full body, including the head. It is compulsory to wear boxing gloves, shin- and mouth guards.

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