Heavy bag training

During a heavy bag training we focus on condition and endurance. The first part of the training consists of conditional exercises like knee lifts. You can also expect muscle strengthening exercises like push ups.

The second part of the training you start to work on the bag. This is where strength, condition and endurance come together. The exercises are explained and supervised by the trainer. There are also a few rounds where you get the chance to indulge yourself on the bag so you can learn how to combine different techniques and actions.

Attending bag training is suitable for everyone: professional & starting fighters, man & woman, young & old. It’s a mixture of levels since everyone trains individually on the bag. So even without any experience you can come to us. Heavy bag training offers an extreme good work out to improve endurance, strength and conditioning. It prevents stress, helps to loose weight, build up your confidence, adjusts your posture and brings body and mind back together.

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