Frequently asked questions

How can I become a member?
If you like to become a member you can subscribe at any day you wish. You will need to fill in the registration form with one of our receptionists. You will pay the registration fee of EUR 25,00 and the subscription you choose immediatly.

How much does a subscription costs and for how long do I sign up?
We have several subscriptions and you can find the prices here. Depending on which day you register, our system calculates the contribution till the end of the month. After that your subscription runs from the 1st till the last day of the month, except for the 10 class pass which is valid for 6 months starting the day you register or pay a new one.
Monthly subscriptions will be automaticly renewed every month until you terminate it. The 10 class pass will not be automatically renewed.

How does it work with the credits?
If you have chosen the 2 times per week subscription you will receive 9 credits on the 1st of the month which you can freely spend in that month. You get 13 credtis with a 3 times a week subscription. Members who have chosen for a Unlimited subscription receive unlimited credits.
Those who have chosen a 10-class pass have 10 credits to use within 6 months.

How can I cancel my subscription?
When you have decided to cancel your subscription, you can fill in this form or send us a letter/email with your name, address and reason of cancellation. Keep in mind that there is one month notice to terminate your subscription.

Can I change my subscription?
You can change your subscription every month untill you have received the invoice. Changes will be processed the next month or the month after if we receive your request after we have sent the invoice.

What classes can I follow as a beginner?
As a beginner you can follow all the beginner and all levels classes. Look here for the timetable.

When can I follow a trial lesson or drop-in class?
You can follow a trial lesson or drop by at any class there is. Look here for more information.

I have an injury, what now?
In case of an injury you can put your subscription on hold by delivering us proof in writing of your injury. The proof needs to be delivered within 30 days, otherways the normal cancellation procdire is on order.

I don’t speak Dutch, can I follow the classes?
Our classes are spoken mainly in Dutch and will also be explained in English if you tell the trainer you wish too. If you don’t speak Dutch or English you still can follow our classes. The key is to observe.

Do you provide accommodation?
We do not provide accommodation, but maybe these sites can help you find one: or

I have a short stay and wish to follow some classes. How does this work?
When you are staying shortly in Amsterdam you can choose to have as many drop-in classes as you wish. Would you like to train twice a day, we can discuss a different price. Depending on how many times you would like to come train and which day you arrive it might be convenient to register and take an unlimited subscription. What is best for you can be discussed with our receptionists.

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